POA Solutions

Endpoint Management

Manage devices at scale
with limited IT resources.



Gain visibility and control on devices accessing crop data.
Apply consistent policies to manage apps, patches, and OS.
Mitigate risks of information leakage by keeping the devices compliant.



With the digital transformation and modern workplace changes, people are working remotely with no specific office and leveraging their own devices to collaborate and access corporate data. The mobility provides flexibility with additional challenges for IT. It is extremely complex to manage and protect corporate data manually. Many organizations require enabling access to mobile apps that require secure access to on-premises data, such as line-of-business app servers in addition to online resources. IT departments are looking for a simple, easy to manage centralized platform to manage devices at scale and protect their user’s identity and organization data.



Our security experts engage with customers and provide a scalable solution for device management. Some of the common scenarios are managing BYOD (Bring Your Own Device), MDM (Mobile Device Management, company owned devices), managing apps and protecting business data from unauthorized access. Our dedicated security experts provide customized solutions and training to manage the solution effectively.

Our Partners

We partner with industry vendors to provide best meeting room experience to our clients. Our teams of consultants work with you to understand your workspace requirements and build a customized immersive experience that integrates with your existing infrastructure. The result is a seamless experience of joining meetings from anywhere with any device.

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